Allow all you training courses Youth, Adult, Shore Based & Power Boat to be booked online;

  • control numbers, offer club boat places
  • restrict to club members or open to all
  • restrict courses by age, age ranges or by sailing ability
  • compulsory fields ensure agreement to GDPR, T&C's, medical waiver is agreed to and details entered
  • close when full or at set date and time prior to the start date, emailing the office on closure
  • set trigger emails on booked numbers to allow course to be managed in line with participant/instructor ratios
  • courses are extracted, processed and formatted and an email with link to a course file sent to the office, this file will contain a copy of the raw data and a two sheet PDF, containing a registration sheet and instructor sheet showing emergency contact, medical and qualification details
  • confirmation and reminder emails sent to participants, with the option of a follow up survey after the course has finished, we can even send birthday greeting emails to anyone who has booked a place during the season.
  • text message reminders can also be configured as an extra option
  • booking reports that can show live bookings completed and abandoned, highlighting bookings with medical or confidence notes, and booked numbers
  • further forms can be added including a course detail app, giving the office the ability to select a course and see the booking data, date time, course description, number of places offered, club boat places, start and end date and the numbers booked on the course
  • these booking forms can be linked to PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay or WorldPay to allow for payment at the point of booking, ensuring places are only booked and confirmed when payment is completed
  • this application can be embedded into your website, a stand-alone form or as part of an independent booking website (allowing your site to continue as is)

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