Covering Open Events, regattas and sailing weeks;

  • multiple fleet options
  • age restrictions upper and lower limits, or age ranges, or school years
  • event reminder emails, sent out prior to course with any additional/updated information included
  • event survey option, ask how it went, what bookers and participants thought and how to improve
  • option for password protect of booking places/fleets
  • opt in or out to show participants name for each applicant
  • show number of places available in fleets, can start with “plenty of places available” and switch to actual number when an agreed number is left, i.e. < 10
  • T&C’s link and mandatory acceptance
  • full medical agreement for each place booked, with mandatory acceptance
  • GDPR consent
  • add additional products, car parking, clothing sales
  • live reports to organisers, including edit, export and print records
  • take payments at point of booking using PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay or WorldPay
  • can include a calendar advertising other Club Opens or Events, venue locations using google maps.
  • this application can be embedded into your website, a stand-alone form or as part of an independent booking website (allowing your site to continue as is)

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